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Print the wireless PIN on your POS receipt.
Details click here
fix for 'INVALID PIN' message on the reader....

The time or the date is wrong in your reader....
Instructions on how to change the time on the reader.

Prices are subject to change.
Prices are valid for 2018

Price Description
FREE  New installations receives 90 days of support.
$100.00  One Incident, One PC: Re-Installation on original or new PC
 - Does not include POS Integration Problems
$100.00  One Incident, One PC: POS Integration Problems
$365.00  365 days, One PC: Any eRange technical Problems
 - If purchased in 2015 includes POS Integration License and Problems
$240.00  365 days, POS PIN Integration Patent License
 - Does NOT include eRange software Problems
 Most software issues require an internet connection
using remote control of your computer using TeamViewer.
Technical Support Hours M-F 9am-4pm EST

You need a subscription to obtain telephone technical support for any issues you may have with e-range.
If you do not wish to pay for support, we suggest you check the help files before calling.

The new eRange version 30 requires that this computer has a working connection to the internet.

If you don't want to pay for technical support you can download files from our Downloads Page

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