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Reader Time Change

The procedure to set the reader time can be summarized in six easy to follow steps:

1. There is a menu key on the back of the reader near the top which is labeled menu.
    Open the dispenser to get to the back of the reader and press the menu key.

2. Now use either the number 2 key or the number 8 key on the front of the reader to
    scroll through your options until you see the date and time displayed.

3. Next hit the '#' key to edit the time and date.

4. To change the hour of the reader use the number 2 key or the number 8 key to scroll
    through your options again until you see the Hr which signifies the hour.

5. Use the number 4 key to decrement the hour and the number 6 key to increment the
    hour to the correct time.

6. After the time has been set correctly press the * key until you see 'exit' then
    press the '#' key.

To change the day, year or minute of reader, the procedure is essentially the same
but in step 4 you would choose the appropriate option in place of Hr.

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