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$25,000 interest free loan

Imagine the possibilities of using someone else's cash, free of charge, so that you can install new bays, buy new mats, put in a covered area, purchase new range equipment, or have a large advertising run during your opening season.

When some of your range customers pay in advance for their years supply of baskets of balls, its like getting an interest free loan to use the money how you need to, to operate your range.


Zero Theft

Every basket dispensed by the e-range system is recorded and accounted for.

Employees can be given their own account and use it to sell baskets to your customers. You can print a report showing exactly what happened at the ball dispenser on that shift.

One range owner reported that when he insisted that his employees use the e-range system that his average daily revenues went up by $200.00 per day. That is an incredible $40,000.00 with a 200 day operating schedule.


Lost or Stolen Accounts

Replace lost or stolen or damaged accounts without installing additional wiring or additional expensive hardware.

Who wants to tell a valued member that their prepaid range membership money is lost forever if they loose their card, it becomes damaged, or someone steals it?

The e-key reader and e-range software make it easy and quick to replace a lost or stolen account AND you can replace the unused balance without fuss or inconvenience to your range member.


Automatic Daily Revalue Accounts (a.k.a Club Keys)

No additional wiring...

It's psychological; when people see lots of traffic at your range, they naturally want to join in and see what so many other people are interested in. (You've seen a flea market booth with no customers, it generally attracts nobody else. When two people walk up to a flea market booth, you can be almost guaranteed that there will be 6 more in less than two minutes. They want to see what someone else finds interesting.)


Here is a new way of selling range memberships. Allow a 'CLUB' member a limited number of baskets every time they show up at the facility. This will increase your traffic resulting in more sundries and impulse sales when they visit. You will also attract infrequent golfers who see your busy range. 

Also; It's impossible to confront a long time golf club member with something as trivial as abusing their range privileges...

Special CLUB keys automatically give members 1 to 10 baskets per day, or per week. Private golf clubs can manage driving range privileges more efficiently. Eliminate token hoarding and the free distribution of tokens to non-members.

You can create CLUB keys that automatically change the available balance on a customers account each day they show up. The CLUB accounts give the customer a non-cumulative amount of money each day, so you can give them $10.00 per day to buy two $5.00 baskets, and should they wish to hit more on that day, they can purchase additional baskets with cash.

When a golf club membership entitles members to range privileges, most of the time the members simply grab a token from the pro shop to activate the ball dispenser. Usually the pro shop is not located close to the dispenser and the member simply takes a handful of tokens to use. Token replacement is expensive for the Golf Club and also introduces a situation that allows non-members to enjoy the range at no charge.

With automatic credit the number of baskets is electronically controlled and does not require the Golf Club Member to pick up a token from the office. Reduces expensive token replacement and abuse of the range privileges. 

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