e-Range Crossfire Reports
  •  Introduction to Reports
  •  Filtering your Report
  •  Sales Report
  •  Z-Reading Report

  • Introduction to Reports

     1) Filtering your Report You may filter the Sales Report so that it only shows the desired transactions. You may filter on several different fields. More details can be found in the Filtering your Report section.
     2) Refresh your Report You may refresh the Sales Report list on demand using the Refresh List button, or you may wish for Crossfire to Automatically Refresh list on any change by using the checkbox. With the checkbox checked, any change to your report filter will cause a refresh of the sales report. If there are large amounts of transactions, you may wish to refresh on demand instead of automatically due to speed.
     3) Sales Report The Sales Report area will show all of the results that fit your filter options since the last refresh (either automatically or on demand). You may find more details in the Sales Report section.
     4) Printing and Exporting
             the Sales Report
    Once your Sales Report information is visible, you may either Export the Sales Report using the Export Sales Report or you may Print the Sales Report using the Print Sales Report button. The Export option will give you 2 options for file type: HTML will allow you to print at a later time, and CSV will allow you to import the Sales Report into your favourite spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. The Print option will allow you to choose the desired printer and then print the report to that printer.
     5) Z-Reading Report This area allows you to print a Z-Reading Report. You will find more details in the Z-Reading Report section.

    Filtering your Report

    Using the filtering options for the Sales Report, you can specify parameters by which transactions can be shown. You can limit the transactions shown by using the Last 4 digits of the Card Number, any letters of the Cardholder Name, by which Reader # processed the transaction, by the Start and End Dates, and finally by Voided or Sales transactions. Depending on if you have the Automatically Refresh list on any change checkbox checked or not, the Sales Report will refresh automatically every time you change a filter parameter.

    Sales Report

    The Sales Report area will show you the Cardholder Name of the person that completed the transaction, the last 4 digits (As a security measure, the full card number CANNOT be stored in the e-range Crossfire databases) of their Card Number, the Card Type, Transaction Amount, Date, Item description, whether it was Voided, and which Dispenser (Reader) the transaction occurred at. You can limit which transactions are shown by specifying filtering options.

    Z-Reading Report

    The Z-Reading Report provides a method of summarizing a given day's transactions. You can select a time period for the day you wish to print. Click on the clock image to quickly set the time to include all day. This report will include Credit Card purchases, by dispenser.