•  The Preferences Screen
  •  Company Information

  • The Preferences Screen
     1) Prices and
    Set your Pricing for each basket size as well as your company information to appear on your receipts. More details can be found in the Company Information section.

     2) Dispense Time The dispense time depends upon your ball dispenser. This is the time between token pulses for your ball dispenser. It should be set to the number of seconds it takes your dispenser to deliver the basket and refill or reset for the next basket. Most ball dispensers take 4 seconds, but some can be set to zero. Check with your ball dispenser manufacturer if your ball dispenser accumulates inserted tokens to vend larger basket sizes.

     3) ETS ? TPI ? Click here for more information on Credit Card Configuration

     4) Database
    Set the Crossfire Database connections here. Click the corresponding Change buttons the change the appropriate files. e-range path must contain a valid erange.edb file, so it is best to change this field's location to your e-range installation directory (usually "C:\Program Files\e-range"). Database path must point to a location that will contain the file shown in the Database field (usually "C:\Program Files\Crossfire").

    Once you have set all of your database connections, click the Test button. If erange.edb and erangeCC.edb were both found, then the Database Connections area will change color to GREEN. Likewise, if any of the databases were not found, the Database Connections area will change color to RED.

    Once a month (or once a week, depending on your range's traffic), it may be a good idea to click the Shrink Database button. This will clean up any unused space in the database and compress records to save space.
     5) Wireless
             Credit Card
    Use this area to configure the ports that Crossfire will listen to the e-range card reader with. Select Dispenser Number, point Comm Port to the appropriate serial port, and enter in the Dispenser Address that the e-range card reader wireless receiver is connected to. 

    Tips :
    » Click the Listen button to commence listening for new connections.
    » Click the Find Installed Reader button to search for new readers.

     6) Options The Automatically void on comm error checkbox will control if the reader will void a transaction on a reader comm error, which will refund a customer's credit card if they don't get a basket of balls.

    The Minimize to system tray... checkbox will send the Crossfire Credit Card software into the System Tray on start up.

    Set your receipt printer in this section.

    Company Information

     1) Company
    Fill in all of your company information in this area. Ideally, you should fill in your range details for Company, Address 1, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal, and Telephone as these items will appear on your receipt print-outs.
     2) Description of basket sizes.
             eg small, medium, large, jumbo
    Fill in all of your selection descriptions and prices in this area. Selection 1 will dispense a small basket, Selection 2 - a medium basket, and Selection 3 is a large basket. If the prices are set to $0.00 for any of these fields, the corresponding selection to that price will be disabled.